The Sun Will Set Into My Palms


A short story about a child that believes she can catch the sun as it sets. The detachable cover is a light sensitive cyanotype print that changes colour while you read it, creating a unique print of the reader’s hands.

'I help my mother bring in the shopping from the market and I drop an egg, pieces of shell spattering the hot sand. I watch as it fries before my eyes. The yolk wobbles, orange yellow, sunny side up. I pick it up and eat it. Yolk dribbles down my chin and I feel sand crunch between my teeth, gritty and delicious. It feels like I have eaten the sun. Later, my mother asks why there are only 5 eggs left in the box. I tell her one had hatched.'

'I believe I can hold the sun in my hands. I think if I hold my hands in just the right place, closing one eye to line them up, the sun will set into my palms. Once the sun dips below the horizon, I slowly open my hands to check if I have caught it, but it always slips through my fingers to rise again the next day.'