Illustration Animation Futures

Illustration Animation Futures is a curated archive of the work of Kingston University’s 2018 BA Illustration Animation graduates. It represents a desire to display our work in a platform designed by us, for us. This archive celebrates the process, research, and discussions that have fed into the final outcomes. We are questioning how our contemporary practice can exist in the design industry. See the Class of 2018’s work here.


50 Years of Choice

50 Years of Choice is a project curated by Millie Tyler and Leah Fredrickson, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act in England. It exists as a limited edition publication, featuring 50 typographic responses from women all over the world. These respond to, and visualise tweets about abortion and as a collection, they aim to raise awareness about choice, equality and most urgently, the vote to Repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland. All profits made by 50 Years of Choice go to ASN, working to give women a choice.


Ambit Issue 232

Illustration commission to accompany This City You Are Founding by John Sperry. 


bhe-styza: n.

1. the shade of blue of distant mountains.

2. an adventure which takes its protagonist unusually far from his home.

3. a melancholy associated with lost fortune.

4. a memento mori of one's beloved.


As Sylvie Was Walking - You Are Wolf

The first single from You Are Wolf's upcoming album, KELD (Firecrest Records). 'As Sylvie Was Walking' is a song from Gloucestershire, collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L. Lloyd in The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs. 

I worked with filmmaker Will Webb and actor Emma True on this project. We were inspired by the final verse of the song, an ambiguous ending that hints at leaving - either a tragic suicide or as a feminist last word in her story as she chooses to leave her sweetheart behind. 


Ochre - Hayeli

This single features a range of synths, harmonised vocals and lush melodies. All written and produced by Hayéli. Music video is an animation made using stills from Google Earth. Starting in a strange, undulating landscape, the viewer is transported across Icelandic volcanoes and glaciers.